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Hey all,

This page is to inform you of the new “Guest Article Wednesdays” on my blog, and how you can take part!

What does this mean? It means that over the course of a given week, you — my awesome reader — may submit articles of your own composition to my personal e-mail address: from which I will, every Wednesday, hand-pick one article to be posted on my blog!

Full credit will be placed at the end of the article for whomsoever wrote it, including a name (if they so desire) and a link to their own blog/website (if they so desire).

This is a great opportunity for writers and bloggers out there, whether new or experienced, to get a chance at some exposure.

So start submitting! If your article isn’t picked this week, it could very well be chosen for another!

I think this will be a lot of fun. All engines go! :)

Vince Caso



  1. Please keep articles submitted between 300-500 words.
  2. Very mild profanity is allowed (the occasional damn or hell), but please keep it civil. This blog is accessible to audiences of all ages, and I want to keep it that way. I’m not a prude (I’m on The Guild), I just want to keep the blog age-friendly.
  3. Please do not write an article all about yourself. Articles should be informative and/or entertaining about a specific subject, and incite interest in a reader.
  4. Do not include hate speech or prejudice of an unjust kind (dislike of snails is ok, dislike of a race is NOT, etc) in your article. It is fine to have a strong opinion, but take the hate elsewhere.
  5. Please do not shamelessly self-promote. The articles are intended to be informative, entertaining, or both. Not an opportunity for anyone to plug the hell out of themselves.
  6. Articles submitted must be the original work of the submitter, and not posted on any other blog, website, or location of any kind.
  7. Any articles submitted, for legal reasons, become the property of Vincent Caso, and may be used in whatever way I see fit. However, I will never use or publish a submitted article, in whole or in part, without full credit to the author attached. I won’t claim your work to be mine, I’m not a jerk.
  8. By submitting an article, you agree to the terms above and understand that they may change, without notice, at any time, and that it falls to the responsibility of the reader to make him/herself aware of such changes should they occur.
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